About Ola

I often zoom in (or out…?) on questions regarding Service Design, Innovation, Customer interactions and the state of things. I see issues around technical requirements connected to business needs as challenges rather than problems

I’m an entrepreneur that gives you as my customer added value by increasing your value towards your customer. Are you with me? Unless, I would happily elaborate on this over a cup of coffee…

My Reputation Resumé

“With his holistic approach, drive and humility, Ola inspires and impresses at business development, where he sees the optimal solutions.”

What you can expect from me:
I want to help my customers to increase their delivery capabilities through different methods and perspectives: It may be to get processes implemented into reality, to improve attitudes towards customers, or to achieve customer orientation “for real”. I want my customers’ value proposition to be clear and made visible in a much better way so that employees have a clearer picture of where the business should strive to be, once my tasks are complete. My customers will feel secure with the development I carry out, and I shall leave them with a feeling that I have given them new perspectives and insights that strengthen their business and their ability to solve their customers’ problems ahead.

A summary of my professional reputation:
“Ola is always engaged, not least in getting complex entireties to operate. His way of working with business development impresses, where his analytical skills really benefit productivity and operations. Ola is dedicated to finding the best solutions and works with technology, finance, customers and employees, delivering with quality. He is a long term planning strategist who inspires with his sense of the big issues. Ola listens to problems and can summarize complex situations, where he sees structure and patterns. He is a skilled generalist, loyal and humble with a unique ability to create confidence. Ola has a very high level of ambition and wants to ensure that his clients are always making progress.”

The compilation is based upon responses from 12 colleagues and customers providing answers anonymously in October 2014. This has been analyzed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation. ✆ 46 70 624 00 58 https://www.perfrykman.com

Track record is available on my LinkedIn profile.