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  • When you feel that your team(s) are drowning in work, and yet can’t tell what the problem is
  • When you get signals that things aren’t going right, despite correct reporting indicating the opposite
  • When you have no idea what to say your clients when you’re asked when a delivery is to be in place
  • When everybody just feel that every smart measure has been tried, and yet nothing gets better

Then you should contact me

  • I help you close the communication gap between your team(s) and management levels
  • I help you get the backlog in order
  • I raise the staff’s awareness in a gentle way about sorting and reporting and increase understanding of management’s  as well as customer’s needs (which often are entirely different)
  • The result is
    • More motivated, mature teams, with an increased ability and self esteem reinforcing their self management
    • A visible tracking of work, made with your existing tools – or by suggesting better ones
    • Increased ability for you to manoeuvre and prioritize and understand what you manage

Remember now where to find me? Here, for instance 🙂